Termite Control

If you have this problem or think you have them and live in Coconut Creek, Florida then you have come to the right place. We provide with extermination for both homes and businesses. They cause billions of dollars of business each year. One of the main problems is that a lot of damage can be caused silently and the damage can become extremely expensive.

Don’t let this damage happen to you!

How Does a Termite Problem Begin?

A pair comes into your home and begins to live and reproduce. These will drill into wood and will begin producing offspring. This offspring will then feed on wood. They produce workers, soldiers, and these build tunnels.

They can get into your home through tiny cracks

Once they get into your house they will begin to eat wood because the cellulose in wood is food to them. The main problem is that there damage can be silent. You don’t even know the damage is happening.

If you think you have this in your business or in your house for any reason call a exterminator as soon as possible. These can be causing extremely expensive damage to structure of your house. Proper extermination should be done by professionals.

Some pest problems certainly can be handled by a person and doing it themselves, however we do not recommend this for termites with the potential damage that can be done.

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