Rodent Control

We can perform rodent control for you in your home or your business. Most of them, unfortunately, do not live alone. If you see one, then chances are there are more around. Once they find a source of food or a dry or warm place they tend to population there.

Rodents: Rats & Mice

Quality and Effective Treatment

While some people think some mice are cute, other people think any and all of them are disgusting one this is true: They can carry diseases. Of course not all carry diseases, but rats, mice, and others are not clean animals.

Another problem is that they can cause serious damage to your house. You will not believe the amount of damage a rat can cause chewing through a wall, or worse yet a mouse chewing on an electrical wire can cause.

A mouse getting trapped in a wall or chewing through insulation is certainly not fun.

Mice and other ones tend to get into a house through small gaps, pipes that come into your house, or other areas. It doesn’t take much space at all. You should focus on patching up any small holes with sheet metal. They can squeeze the an area the size of a nickel, a rat can go through a half dollar a lot of times.

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