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Spiders live in almost all regions of the US. There are several species we will discuss that live in the Coconut Creek area. Some of these can pose serious health risks when they come in contact with people. We can help you get rid of any Coconut Creek spiders. We can help you get rid of your current spiders and help prevent future spiders from making their way into your house.

There are different types of poisonous Coconut Creek spiders: the brown recluse and the black widow.

Brown Recluse Removal in Coconut Creek, Florida

Chances are you won’t find a Brown Recluse spider in Coconut Creek, Florida, but there is still a slim chance. If you do see a Brown Recluse it is usually about 1 inch lengthwise, and is often a golden-brown color with a black line on its back.

The Brown Recluse spider is different from offers being that it doesn’t build “pretty spider webs” like lots of other spiders do. A brown recluse web often appears to be just a random thread just put together.

If you see a web matching that description, you should call us as soon as possible. Common areas that brown recluse spiders are in are wood piles, basements, sheds, closets, and garages.

Black Widow Removal in Coconut Creek, Florida

You’re probably familiar with the Black Widow since it has fairly iconic coloring. In case you aren’t that is okay. A Black Widow’s body is a shiny black with a red hourglass on its underside. There are actually three different widow types found in Coconut Creek, Florida and other surrounding areas.

These are known as the northern black widow, the western black widow, and the brown widow. We’ve seen Coconut Creek Black Widow spiders in barns, basements, sheds, garages, and houses. The black widow is very poisonous and is quite common in this area.

If you are reaching into an area that you cannot completely see, be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from a potential bite.

If you find any of these poisonous spiders you should contact us as soon as possible. It may be easy to kill the spider with something, however that won’t help to protect you from spider that may be lurking where you do not see them. If you found one, you can be sure there will be more spiders.

If find different, non-poisonous Coconut Creek spiders, we’re also able to assist you in exterminating them. We will exterminate the existing spiders from your home, business, or property and make sure future spiders don’t come in. Just contact us at (954) 634-5835 today and we’ll send over one of our Coconut Creek spider removal exterminators.

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